The Things I Prize

These are the things I prize
And hold of dearest worth:
Light of the sapphire skies,
Peace of the silent hills,
Shelter of the forests,
Comfort of the grass,
Music of birds, murmur of little rills,
Shadows of cloud that shiftly pass,
And, after showers,
The smell of flowers
And of the good brown earth -
And best of all, along the way,
Friendship and mirth.

by Henry Van Dyke

So Close To Me You're Family

To the YU family!
- Jeannie, Airvony, Dong, Auntie and Uncle

Born into this world to a group of lovely people
That I did not choose.
Went through life and found you
And knew I could not lose.
I love the group of people I was born into.
But know this I feel the same love,
Devotion, commitment, closeness toward you.
Against the world and it's challenges
It's you and me.
It makes me feel so glad that you are
All of what is said above,
For you to me will always be family.


Hello my friend
It has been a while
I miss your voice
I miss your smile
I am sending you this greeting
From across the miles

Although we are so very far apart
I will always love you
And hold you so dear in my heart

I think of you each and every day
Sending love and prayers your way
And to let you know I am okay

Please remember me
Like I have remembered you
And that I am always here for you

Melissa Ann Powell

Friendship Knows No Distance

To my favorite cousin, Jeannie

"Friendship knows no distance, for together or apart
Good friends have many memories that help them close at heart
Memories of moments shared with laughter or with tears
That grow still warmer day by day and brightens with each year
And every fond remembrance comes to mean so very much
For friendship knows no distance when good friends keep in touch!"

A Real Friend

To Susan and Espie
(my two long lost friends)

A real friend is someone
who is there for you through thick and thin.
A real friend doesn't talk about you
Behind your back
and then smile in your face.

A real friend is a person
That is truthful and honest to you.
A real friend will be your real friend
Until the end of time.



To my best friends
- Cas, Kat, Alou and Mimi

"People don't talk much about the love
Friends have for one another.
Oh, we talk about liking friends
But some friends add so much to our lives
That "like" just isn't strong enough to descibe the bond.

You're that special kind of friend
I never get tired of your company.
And I can always be myself with you,
Confide in you, depend on you.
So, I thought I'd let you know that
I don't just like you - I love you...
For being such a great person, such a good friend."

Let's Never Let Go Of Our Friendship

To my loving husband

"I don't ever want us to let go of each other
Maybe our paths will go in separate directions
But that won't change the bond
We share and what's in our heart.

My friend, no matter where I am or what I am doing
When you come to mind
A smile comes to my face
And a warmth settles in my heart.

The day you and I met will always be cherished
We've grown together, done a lot together
And no matter what, we always let each other knows
That we do love and care about each other.

You are more than just a friend to me
I often struggle to say how I feel
But I hope we never let go of what we share
Because whether its across the miles
Or just a short distance
You are and will always be a part of my life and me."

Special Friend

To my wonderful husband

"What makes us friends when we first met?
Well, I think I know...
The best in me and the best in you
Hailed each other because they knew
That always and always since life began
Our being friends was part of God's plan. "


To my best friend - Mimi

"A friend is TRUST
A friend is WARMTH
A friend is always there to add to every happiness
To lessen every care

A friend is CARING too
That's just the kind of special friend
That I have found in you!"

The Gifts of Friendship

It's the little gifts of friendship
That always mean so much
The little notes,
Rhe frequent calls that keep good friends in touch

It's the quiet understanding
The laughter meant for two
The little deeds of thoughtfulness
Good friends so often do.

It's the little gifts of friendship,
The kind and caring ways
The sharing that adds
Special cheer to ordinary days

And what a wonderful world of happiness
These little gifts can bring
For they start a lasting treasury
Of fond remembering.

By Amanda Bradley


This is one of my all time favorite song -- a song that started this blog... so sing along...

ONE FRIEND by Dan Seals

I always thought you were the best
I guess I always will
I always thought that we were blessed
And I feel that way still
Sometimes we took the hard road
But we always saw it through
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you.

Sometimes the world was on our side,
Sometimes it wasn't fair
Sometimes it gave a helping hand,
Sometimes we didn't care
'Cause when we were together,
It made the dream come true
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you.

Someone who understands me,
And knows me inside out
Helps keep me together,
And believes without a doubt
That I could move a mountain
Someone to tell it to
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you.

You Know You're with a Friend

When you're with someone who makes you smile
Someone who helps you see
How wonderful the simple things in life can really be
When you're with someone
With warmth to share and kindness to extend
Someone who really knows you
Then you know you're with a friend.

When you're with someone who cares
About the things you try to do
Someone who can confide
Your deepest thoughts and feelings to
When you're with someone
You trust in never ending to pretend
Someone who helps you know yourself
Then you know you're with a friend.

By Amanda Bradley

Friendship is Really a Matter of Time

Friendship is really a matter of time...
The time it takes to be king
The time that it takes to just listen and talk
To help someone find peace of mind.

Friendship is really a matter of time...
The time that it takes you to do a thoughtful
And generous favor that wasn't expected of you
The time it takes to answer a call
To let someone know that you're there.

Friendship is really a matter of time...
The time that you take when you care.

By Amanda Bradley

GOD Gives Us Special Friends

If all the blessings in my life,
I count most gratefully
The special friends I know and love.
GOD gave them all to me
He gave me friends to share my days,
My good times and bad times
Close friends who make my life worthwhile
When I feel lost or sad
He gave me friends for me to love,
Who love me in return
Good friends who never hesitate
To show their warm concern
So not a day goes by
Without a sentimental thought
Of all the special things we've shared
And the joys each friend has brought
And not a day goes by
That I don't say a special prayer -
That GOD will keep my special friend
Forever in His care.

by Amanda Bradley


"True friendship is a precious gift
That's wonderful and rare
It's knowing someone understands
And takes time to care
A friend will always listen
When you voice your hopes and fears
For friends can share the good, the bad
The laughter and the tears
And as the days and years go by
A true friend will be part
Of all the precious memories
You treasure in your heart.

I just want to say how glad I am
To have a friend like you
A friend to share my good times with
And tell my troubles to
A friend to be myself with,
A friend to care about
A friend who's too important
To ever do without
And even though
I'm certain that you already know
How very dare you are to me
I like to tell you so! "

A FRIEND Is A Treasure

"A friend is someone
we turn to when our spirits need a lift
A friend is someone
we treasure for true friendship is a gift
A friend is someone
we laugh with over little personal things
A friend is someone
we're serious with in facing whatever life brings
A friend is someone
who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace
And makes the world
we live in a better and happier place."


You Tell On Yourself

You tell on yourself by the friends you seek
By the manner in which you speaks
By the way you employ you're leisure time
By the way you use your dollar and dime

You tell what you are by the things you wear
By the spirit in which your burden bear
By the kind of things at which you laugh
By the record you play on your phonograph

You tell what you are by the way you walk
By the things of which you delight to talk
By the manner in which you beat defeat
By a simple a thing as how you eat
By the book you choose on the well filled shelf

In this way and more you tell on yourself
So there's no really particle of sense
In an effort to keep up false pretense

By John Robert

Friendship is A Promise

"Friendship is a promise spoken only by the heart
It isn't given by any pledge
It isn't written on any paper
But friendship is a promise
That is renewed everytime
Two friends meet and smile
And enjoy the good times
That come from simply being together
It's a promise to share both glad and sad times
A promise to think of each other fondly
Whether near or far apart
Friendship is a promise spoken only by the heart
A promise that you and I will always share."


What is a friend? I will tell you...
It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself!
Your soul can be naked with him
He seems to ask of you to put on nothing,
only to be what you are
He does not want you to be better or worse
When you are with him
You feel as a prisoner feels
who has been declared innocent
You do not have to be on your guard
You can say what you think,
so long as it is genuinely you
He understands those contradictions in your nature
That lead others to misjudge you.
With him you breathe freely.
You can avow your little vanities and envies
and hates and vicious sparks,
Your meannesses and absurdities and,
in opening them up to him
They are lost,
dissolved on the white ocean of his loyalty
He understands...
You do not have to be careful.
You can abuse him, neglect him, tolerate him.
Best of all, you can keep still with him.
It makes no matter.
He likes you --
He is like fire that purges to the bone
He understands...
You can weep with him, sing with him,
laugh with him, pray with him.
Through it all - and underneath -
he sees, knows and loves you...
A friend? What is a friend?
Just one, I repeat,
with whom you dare to be yourself!

by C. Raymond Beran