So Close To Me You're Family

To the YU family!
- Jeannie, Airvony, Dong, Auntie and Uncle

Born into this world to a group of lovely people
That I did not choose.
Went through life and found you
And knew I could not lose.
I love the group of people I was born into.
But know this I feel the same love,
Devotion, commitment, closeness toward you.
Against the world and it's challenges
It's you and me.
It makes me feel so glad that you are
All of what is said above,
For you to me will always be family.


Hello my friend
It has been a while
I miss your voice
I miss your smile
I am sending you this greeting
From across the miles

Although we are so very far apart
I will always love you
And hold you so dear in my heart

I think of you each and every day
Sending love and prayers your way
And to let you know I am okay

Please remember me
Like I have remembered you
And that I am always here for you

Melissa Ann Powell

1 comment:

JO said...

THANK YOU for making me a part of your family too! You're the best!

Wish you could all come for a visit soon!