What Others Think

When you seek to truly make a difference,
Someone is going to tell you no.
But that's their problem, not yours.

No matter how magnificently you perform,
Someone is going to find a way to complain about it.
But that's their problem, not yours.

It can be extremely valuable to understand what other people think,
And quite useful to make a positive impression whenever possible.
Always keep in mind, though,
That the opinions of others are just that -- opinions.

Let their opinions, whatever they may be,
Support and encourage you rather than stop you.
Keep in mind that attempts to please everyone
Will all too often end up pleasing no one.

Some people are just not going to like you,
No matter what you do.
Some people are going to disagree with you,
No matter how reasonable you are.

Just because someone rejects what you're doing
Does not mean you must reject it too.
Listen to the rejections, listen to the complaints,
Learn from them, take whatever positive actions are appropriate,
and then move confidently forward.

- Ralph Marston -


DOPS said...

Loud and clear...

I can't say anything more...


JO said...

hi Dops,

I admit that it affects me knowing how others think of me... I guess majority of us do. But what's more important is how we treat ourselves...

As long as we can love ourself than we can rest assure that others will love us too.