Top 10 good things about smiling

  1. It's less work than frowning.
  2. It's free, legal, and nonfattening.
  3. It shows off all that expensive dental work.
  4. It makes you look innocent.
  5. It gives your mouth something to do when you're not eating or talking.
  6. It's so distracting, no one notices you dressed in the dark.
  7. It helps you look like the "after" picture instead of the "before" picture.
  8. It makes everyone wonder what you've been up to.
  9. It can make you look scary and unstable so people won't mess with you.
  10. It gives you those cute little dimples that no one can resist.


Raquel said...

Nice post Jo, keep smiling and the world smiles with you.

If we develop the habit of smiling often, we're going to feel a lot better, if possible we'll be more optimistic and gain the cooperation of others. It's a habit that will serve well for the rest of our life.

JO said...

That's right Raquel!