From my inbox... Since today is the first day of Lent, here's a different approach to fasting...

Fasts have a tendency to be oriented toward things like giving up food or television. But there are many other creative ways we can welcome Jesus' healing touch.

Here are syggestions you might want to consider:

  1. Fast from anger and hatred.
    Give your family an extra dose of love each day.

  2. Fast from judging others.Before making any judgements, recall how Jesus overlooks your faults.

  3. Fast from discouragements.
    Hold on to Jesus' promise that He has a perfect plan for your life.

  4. Fast from complaining.
    When you find yourself about to complain, close your eyes and recall some of the little moments of joy Jesus has given you.

  5. Fast from resentment and bitterness! Work on forgiving those who may have hurt you.

  6. Fast on spending too much money.
    Try to reduce your spending by ten percent and give those savings to the poor.
Wishing you all Peace, Love and Happiness during Lent!

Smile. Jesus Loves You!

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