Age and Happiness

By Catherine Pulsifer © 2008

Age and happiness, do the two go together?

I know some very unhappy 75-year-old people, and I know some very happy ones as well. In the same vein, there are a lot of 25-year-old people who are very unhappy with their lives, and others who couldn't be happier.

The difference is not in age, but in their attitude towards life.

When I was younger, my mother had a saying she used when I was feeling disappointed, sad, or dissatisfied. She would say: "There are others who are a lot worse off than you." I can now appreciate how true that saying is.

No matter what happens in my life, and no matter how old I am, happiness in life does come down to your attitude towards it.

I recently was reading a book that reflected the thoughts of people who have achieved happiness in their life and the common theme with all of these people is their attitude. They always had a goal, they always looked for the good in every situation, and they always had more they wanted to achieve.

So no matter what your age, young or old, remember it is not your age,
but your attitude towards life that will bring happiness.

Always remember age is only a date and you determine your own fate.

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