What is Life to You?

To the soldier life's a battle
To the teacher life's a school.
Life's a "good thing" for the grafter
It's a failure to the fool.
To the man upon the engine
Life's a long and heavy grade;
It's a gamble to the gambler;
To the merchant it's a trade.

Life's a picture to the artist;
To the rascal life's a fraud;
Life perhaps, is but a burden
To the man beneath the hod.
Life is lovely to the lover,
To the player life's a play;
Life may be a load of trouble
To the man upon the dray.

Life is but a long vacation
To the man who loves his work.
Life's an everlasting effort
To the ones who like to shirk.
To the earnest Christian worker
Life's a story every new.
Life is what we try to make it,
Brother, What Is Life to You?

~ Anonymous ~


Mmy-Lei said...

Life is meaningless without God as the center of your life.

JO said...

Totally agree with you Mmy-Lei... thanks for dropping by.