10 Commandments for Parents

  1. I will appreciate my children for who they are, not for who I want them to be.
  2. I will relate to each child as an individual, instead of as "the kid".
  3. I will take good care of myself as a person, and not live my life through my children.
  4. I will acknowledge each and every little acceptable behavior, not just the "biggies".
  5. I will give my children as many "facts" as I am able, and trust them to weigh these facts and make responsible decisions.
  6. I will not allow my children to use or abuse me, for I know this will damage them.
  7. Knowing that my children are on a short-term loan to me, I will introduce them to every possible responsibility, so that they won't be too shocked at "independence".
  8. I will let my children know that I love them unconditionally, whether I like their decisions or not.
  9. I will allow my children to face the consequences of their own actions and not constantly protect them, as I know I will want to do so.
  10. I will feel successful when I am no longer needed as a parent.

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Raquel said...

Just want to let you know that I read this, I will leave a comment on your blog.

JO said...

hi Raquel,

thanks! balik ka ulit.