Winner vs. Loser

The winner is always part of the answer
The loser is always part of the problem
The winner - always has a program
The loser - always has an excuse
The winner says, "let me do it for you"
The loser says, "That's not my job"
The winner - sees an answer for every problem
The loser - sees a problem for every answer
The winner sees a green near every sand trap
The loser sees two or three sand trap near every green
The winner says, "it may be difficult but it is possible"
The loser says, "it is possible but it's too difficult"



JO said...

Just to remind us to be a WINNER all the time...

Mmy-Lei said...

Winner never loose HOPE.
Loser always give-up!

Happy new year Jo, keep on posting poems, this is a refreshing site for me.

JO said...

hi MMY-LEI...

sure! it's easy for me to maintain this blog... coz all I need to do is just copy and paste...