Personal Expressions (card) #1

It's been so long since we've shared any time together,
I've had to rely on memories to make me smile the way you used to...
I can hardly remember the last time we had a good, long talk.
Every time I think I'm finally going to have a few minutes
To try to get in touch, something falls through.
You know how it is... our lives are so full.
Still... I want you to know that I think of you often.
And when I realize how much time has passed, I'm totally surprised.
That's why I want to let you know that I miss you,
And I hope your life is going well.
Someday soon, let's get caught up...
Till then, you're in my thoughts, making me smile as usual.

by Renee Duvall


JO said...

wow! I've been out of touch with a lot of people, family and friends....

I do hope we can all catch up sometime in the near (not so distant) future.

rachel said...

hi!! i read quite a few of duvall's cards today while browsing through cards at kroger. they were AMAZING! does "personal expressions" have a website where i can look at more of these cards?! or read more of duvall's verses?!
thanks so much. you can email me at